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Image Competition

to capture activities in the Department.
Image Competition

An example image current used on the website of Diamond Electronics

We are launching a competition to find a set of images that capture various aspects of what we do as a Department. The images may be from around the department or campus, from research work or from teaching or other activities.

The main criteria are that they are visually striking (photo-shopping is allowed!) and capture some aspect of our activities.

They will be used on the web site and for other department and faculty marketing activities and so should be copyright free and have no commercial sensitivity (if linked to a research project for example). If any persons are identifiable in the picture you should have their permission. The term images is used broadly for anything visual, so photographs, microscope images etc are fine as well as video. The competition is open to all staff and students of the Department (past and present).

The winner will be selected at the start of next term and awarded an iPod nano. Entries should be emailed to before the 1st September 2011 and contain a short description of the image.