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March 2012: Professor Hugh Griffiths

"Sensors and Sensitivity - New Challenges and New Ideas in Radar"

Professor Hugh Griffiths

Professor Hugh Griffiths

On Wednesday 28 March 2012 Professor Hugh Griffiths gave his Inaugural Lecture entitled ‘Sensors and Sensitivity - New Challenges and New Ideas in Radar' in the A.V. Hill Lecture Theatre, Medical Sciences Building, University College London. The Lecture was preceded by a reception in the Wilkins JBR. Inaugural Lectures have been an essential feature of University life for centuries, marking the appointment of an individual to a Professorship with a Public Lecture.

Radar has been around for more than a century. It plays a vital part in applications such as air traffic control, environmental monitoring and in defence. Ever more demanding requirements, as well as congestion of the electromagnetic spectrum means that conventional approaches are no longer optimum, and intelligent, adaptive and even distributed systems will be necessary in the future. The lecture reviewed some of these approaches and the research that is necessary to realise them.

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Prof Marek Ziebart Professor Hugh Griffiths The Lecture Professor Simon Watts Professor Griffiths receives applause