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UCL Alumni Community Mobile App: helping our students find mentors and helping alumni share their expertise with students

Download the App for Android and Apple devices.

 The new UCL Alumni Online Community web platform and mobile app (for Android and Apple devices) is designed to help alumni connect with fellow former students worldwide and current students and alumni connect with alumni who are interested in being mentors, advising on career pathways and skills for work.

There is also an exclusive networking area enabling you to search the directory for friends and mentors, volunteer to mentor alumni and students and post/search for jobs from your exclusive alumni community.

Below is an interview with an alumni mentor to current students - join the UCL Alumni Online Community now to find your own mentor or to volunteer to share your expertise with the next generation!

As a keen traveller, Charlotte has been a mentor at UCL throughout her career including when she gave up her job to see the world. From the top of the Khopra Ridge at 3660m in Nepal, Charlotte Green tells UCL what being a mentor means to her.

How has you career developed since graduation? Tell us more about your current role.

I studied Information Management BSc at UCL, and in my second year, as advised by our course director, I applied to do a summer internship. I spent 10 weeks at Nestlé on commercial projects and subsequently was offered a place on their graduate scheme starting in the September after finishing at UCL.

I spent 8 years at Nestlé in Sales and Marketing, moving between departments, teams and brands to build my experience and skills. Nestlé was a fantastic place to learn and I also got to travel nationally and internationally to visit factories and train with peers. My final position at Nestlé was working as After Eight and Boxed Chocolates brand manager, which was a fun and challenging role, planning for each Christmas.

In 2014, I decided to take a career break to travel round the world. I returned to London in 2015 and started at Divine, the Fairtrade and farmer-owned chocolate company, as Marketing Director. I wanted to learn about social enterprise and it was brilliant to learn about cocoa farmers, after nearly a decade working in the confectionery market. The role was also a step up to a leadership position in my career, reporting to the CEO, managing a team and being part of the management team steering the company.

Later this month I start at an exciting new company. They have had a succession of years in very fast growth, so they decided to appoint a marketing lead. I'll be setting up the department and ensure they build a brilliant brand along with the sales. The UK is a fantastic place for start-up food and drink companies at the moment, so I'm excited to join a challenger brand at this time. Watch this space!

What motivated you to get involved in the UCL Alumni Online Mentoring Scheme? Did you have a mentor or is it something you wish you had had?

I wanted to give back to UCL, as it laid the foundations for my career success. The mentoring scheme has been a simple way to do that.

I have had mentors in the later stages of my career, which have been so helpful when making decisions on what to do both in my career and in life. I had a mentor when I decided to take the leap to quit my job to explore the world, and again the first time I was experiencing leading a team. I believe it would have been useful to have similar support earlier on in my career as well, so it's good to offer that to UCL students and graduates.

What are the benefits of acting as a mentor?

It is rewarding to be a mentor, to share the experience and expertise you've developed since graduating. It is also a great opportunity to practice your coaching skills outside of your professional role. Finally, it has reconnected me with my department, which has subsequently helped me recruit a UCL graduate on a placement.

How do you think the scheme helps mentees?

It can be so helpful to have the perspective from someone who has experience working in the area you are considering for a career. With UCL as common ground, it is a short cut to building the relationship. As a mentor you also have an insight into graduating in London and how to navigate the different options and opportunities available to you, which you can offer to mentees.

What would you say to someone thinking of getting involved in the mentor scheme?

It's simple to join and you can make it fit in with everything else very easily. Do it!

Are you proud to be a UCL mentor?

I'm delighted to be able to offer others help, as others have done (and still continue to do!) for me.


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