The Communications and Information Systems Group


The UCL's Communications and Information Systems Group is actively involved in the fundamental and practical aspects of communications systems and networks. Our research, which is motivated by the explosive growth in demand of network bandwidth and services, addresses the cutting-edge aspects in today's as well as future technologies that are required to engineer the networks of the coming decades.

The research work covers the main themes in communications systems and networks, spanning from the various fundamentals associated with data transmission and compression to physical-layer and network-layer research and to network operations and management. The research work also cover both the theory and practice of communications systems and networks: state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, which include the recently equipped Aeroflex and Connet laboratories, offer a unique unparalleled capability to complement fundamental research with prototype development and testing.

The research group exhibits a strong track-record of collaboration with some of the most prominent academic institutions worldwide as well as national and international industry, including network operators and service providers (e.g. BT, Vodafone, Orange) and equipment designers and manufacturers (e.g. Nokia, Siemens, Selex, Aeroflex). The research group also exhibits a strong track-record in attracting funding from various competitive sources both at National, European and International level.

Academics, who currently lead their respective fields, are actively engaged in research as well as consultancy, policy and standardization activities. Researchers and students experience a unique vibrant and stimulating environment to grow in their fields, that paves their way to a very successful career in academia or industry.

It is widely acknowledged that demand on communications systems and networks is expected to rise 100 fold in the next 5 years. The research group, given its past history and current strength, is well posed to continue making significant contributions to the field and training the future leaders in telecommunications. Welcome!