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Schedule of Modules

Provisional Schedule of Modules

Provisional Schedule for 2018-2019

Module Name Module Tutorial Assessment Manager



Introduction to Telecommunications Networks 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th & 10th Oct 18 12th Oct 18 (PM) (2-5 pm) 26th Oct 18 (AM) (E) Professor Izzat Darwazeh
B1 ELEC0044 Strategy, Marketing and Product Management 15th–19th Oct 18 9th Nov 18(PM) 30thNov 18 (A) Peter McCarthy-Ward
BTC ELEC0108 Broadband Technologies and Components 15th – 18th Oct 18 15th – 19th Oct 18 16th Nov 18 (E) (AM) Dr Cyril Renaud
MCS ELEC0102 Mobile Communications Systems 29th Oct – 2nd Nov – 5 days 23rd Nov 18 (PM) 10th Dec 18(E) (AM) Professor Izzat Darwazeh
BCL ELEC0050 Broadband Communications Laboratory 22nd – 25th Oct 2018, 12th – 15th Nov 2018, 19th – 23rd Nov 2018, 3rd – 6th Dec 2018 N/A N/A Dr David Selviah
IPN ELEC0099 Introduction to IP Networks 12th – 15th Nov 18 12th Dec 18 (PM) 14th Dec 2018 (E) (AM) Dr Miguel Rio
CSM ELEC0086 Communications Systems Modelling 26th – 30th Nov 18 7th Dec 18 (AM) 11th Jan 19 (E) (AM), Lab report : 18th Jan 19(AM) Dr Kit Wong
B2 ELEC0045 Finance and Business Environment 3rd – 7th Dec 18 14th Dec 18 (PM) 11th Jan 19 (E) Keith Carrington
SNS ELEC0088 Software for Network Services and Design 3rd – 6th Dec 18 11th Jan 19 (PM) Roberts Building 704 15th Feb 19 (A) Dr Miguel Rio
RS ELEC0053 Radar Systems 7th – 10th Jan 19 25th Jan19 (AM) 8th Feb 19(E) (AM) Professor Hugh Griffiths
APD ELEC0109/td> Advanced Photonic Devices 14th – 17th Jan 19 8th Feb 19 (PM) 15th Feb 19 (E) (AM) Dr David Selviah
B3 ELEC0046 Customer Service, Operations and Planning 14th – 18th Jan 19 1st Feb 19 (PM) 1st March 19 (A) Professor Andy Valdar
AP ELEC0048 Antennas & Propagation 21st– 24th Jan 19/td> 15th Feb 19 (PM) 22nd Feb 19 (E) (AM) Professor Paul Brennan
TBE ELEC0094 Telecommunications Business Environment 21st – 25th Jan 19 15th Feb 19 (PM) 8th March 19 (A) Dr Clive Poole
OTN ELEC0049 Optical Transmission & Networks 28th - 31st Jan 19 22nd Feb 19 (PM)  8th Mar 19(E) (AM) Dr Robert Killey
IOT ELEC0130 Internet of Things 4th – 7th Feb 19/td> 25th Feb (AM) and 27th Feb (All day) 22nd March 19 (A) - pm, 23rd April 19 Viva/ Demo Dr Ryan Grammenos
IMS ELEC0098 Internet Multimedia Systems 11th – 15th Feb 19 Tues 26th Feb 19 (AM) Thursday 21st March 19 (A) Dr Laura Toni
RFC ELEC0115 RF Circuits & Devices 18th – 21st Feb 19 15th March 19 (PM) 22nd March 19 (E) (PM) Dr Chin-Pang Liu
NSM ELEC0092 Network & Services Management 18th – 21st Feb 19 1st March 19 (PM) 15th Mar 19 (E) (AM) Professor George Pavlou
B4 ELEC0047 Organisational Design, People Management and Innovation 4th – 8th March 19 22nd March 19 (AM) 23rd April 2019 (A) Professor Andy Valdar
PSS ELEC0078 Photonic Sub-Systems 4th – 7th March 19 26th Apr 19 (PM) 3rd May 19(E) (AM) Dr David Selviah
WCP ELEC0104 Wireless Communications Principles 11th – 14th March 19 Thur 21st March 19 (AM) 26th April 19 (E) (AM) Dr Miguel Rodrigues


All Tutorials take place at 2pm and all exams take place at 10am unless otherwise stated. (E) denotes a two and a half hour exam, (A) denotes an assignment. Notification of exact locations will be made once you have registered for a course, but all courses are taught on UCL's Bloomsbury campus by attendance unless otherwise stated.All course information is provisional and subject to change without notice.



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