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Doctorate Student Prizes

Awarded to Vasiliki Giagka and Carsten Behrens
Doctorate Student Prizes

Vasiliki Giagka collects her Cullen Prize from the Head of Department, Professor Alwyn Seeds

The department's 2013 doctorate student prizes were awarded to research students on the departmental Research Poster Day and Lecture.

The Cullen prize was won by Vasiliki Giagka, supervised by Professor Andreas Demosthenous, with a poster entitled "Towards an active implant for epidural spinal cord stimulation".

There were honourable mentions for Syeda Zehra, also supervised by Professor Demosthenous for a poster titled "Interference Rejection of a Tripolar Cuff Electrode using Compensatory Circuits at Ouput" and for Alaric Taylor, supervised by Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou, with a poster titled "Modelling of Bio-Inspired Smart Windows for Energy Efficient Buildings and Solar Cell Coatings."

The Lombardi prize was won by Carsten Behrens, supervised by Professor Polina Bayvel, with a thesis entitled "Mitigation of nonlinear impairments for advanced optical modulation formats".

An honourable mention was given to Domink Cirmirakis, supervised by Professor Andreas Demosthenous for his thesis "Novel telemetry system for closed loop vesicular prosthesis".

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