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Student Prizes

Student prizes given to doctoral students within the department.

Each year the UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, gives two prizes to research students for their work. These are usually presented at the Departmental Research Poster Day and Lecture. The first, The Cullen Prize, is awarded to the best poster by a Research Student. The second, The Lombardi prize, is given to the best doctoral thesis of the year. Since 2014 Cisco Systems have awarded a prize for the best poster about the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2017, a new prize was awarded to students for the best poster related to the work of the Alan Turing Institute, the UK's national centre for data science, of which UCL is a founding university partner. The prize is known as the Turing Institute Prize.

Cullen prize

Prof Alec Cullen was Head of the UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering from 1967 until 1980

2018  Christian Sol Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou Thermochromic windows for energy efficient buildings
2017 John Mansir Prof. John Morton The Effects of Strain on Donor Spin Qubits in Silicon
2016 Richard Colchester Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou Poster: All-Optical Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging
There were honourable mentions for Thomas Gerard, supervised by Professor Tony Kenyon for a poster titled “Optically Addressable Resistive RAM“ and Nafiseh Vahabi supervised by Dr David Selviah for her poster titled “Analysis of Oil and Gas Distributed Acoustic Sensor Data”.
2015 Arthur Onno Professor Huiyun Liu Poster: Impact of the threading dislocation density in the GaAsP layers on the performances of GaAsP/Si tandem solar cells.
There were honourable mentions for Clemens Tummeltshammer, supervised by Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou for a poster titled "Losses in Luminescent Solar Concentrators Unveiled" and also for Alaric Taylor, also supervised by Dr Papakonstantinou for his poster titled "Self-assemblied bio-inspired windows".
2014 Johannes Benedikt von Lindeiner Professor Ian White at Cambridge (via UCL-Cambridge CDT Poster: "Uncooled DWDM using Orthogonal Coding for Low-cost Datacommunication Links"
2013 Vasiliki Giagka Prof Andreas Demosthenous "Towards an active implant for epidural spinal cord stimulation"
There were honourable mentions for Syeda Zehra, also supervised by Professor Demosthenous for a poster titled "Interference Rejection of a Tripolar Cuff Electrode using Compensatory Circuits at Ouput" and for Alaric Taylor, supervised by Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou, with a poster titled "Modelling of Bio-Inspired Smart Windows for Energy Efficient Buildings and Solar Cell Coatings."
2012 Domanic Lavery Dr Seb Savory "Digital Coherent Receivers for Passive Optical Networks"
2011 Robert Thompson Dr Oleg Mitrofanov “Evolution of topography and conduction at the surface of Rubrene.”


Lombardi prize

Each year the department awards the prestigious Lombardi Prize to the student who submitted the best PhD thesis over the previous twelve months. The prize is awarded in a ceremony at the department's annual public lecture - the Barlow lecture in even years and the Mildner lecture in odd years. The prize money has been generously donated by Professor Fabrizio Lombardi, a distinguished alumnus of the department who received both his MSc and PhD from us in the field of Microwave Engineering. Professor Lombardi is currently the ITC Endowed Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, U.S.


2018 Dr Zhe Li  Dr Robert Killey
 and Professor Polina Bayvel

Low-complexity, high-capacity and spectrally-efficient optical transceivers for metro, backhaul and inter-data centre networks

2017 Dr Richard Colchester Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou in EEE and Dr Adrien Desjardins in Medical Physics Thesis: Novel Optical Ultrasound Probes for Minimally Invasive Surgery
2016 Dr Lorenzo Saino Prof. George Pavlou On the Design of Efficient Caching Systems
An honourable mention was given to Dr Mustafa Sezer Erkilinc, supervised by Dr Robert Killey for his thesis titled Cost-Effective Spectrally-Efficient Optical Transceiver Architectures for Metropolitan and Regional Links.
2015 Mohammad Ashraful (Russell) Anam Dr Yiannis Andreopoulos Precision-energy-throughput scaling of error tolerant signal processing applications
An honourable mention was given to Dr Vassiliki Giagka, supervised by Professor Andreas Demosthenous for her thesis 'The design of flexible, active electrode arrays for epidural spinal cord stimulation' and also to Allann Al-Armaghany, supervised by Dr Kenneth Tong for his thesis 'Development of a Hybrid Microwave-Optical System to Monitor Human Thermoregulation'.
2014 Domanic Lavery Dr Seb Savory Digital Coherent Receivers for Passive Optical Networks
There were honourable mentions for Adnan Mehonic, supervised by Professor Tony Kenyon for his thesis 'Resistive switching in silicon-rich silicon oxide' and Daphne Tuncer, supervised by Professor George Pavlou for her thesis titled 'Engineering Self- Managed Adaptive Networks'.
2013 Carsten Behrens Prof Polina Bayvel Mitigation of nonlinear impairments for advanced optical modulation formats
An honourable mention was given to Domink Cirmirakis, supervised by Professor Andreas Demosthenous for his thesis "Novel telemetry system for closed loop vesicular prosthesis".
2012 Safa Ahmed Prof Izzat Darwazeh Spectrally efficient FDM communication signals and transceivers: design, mathematical modelling and system optimization
2011 Irshaad Fatadin Dr Seb Savory DSP techniques for optical coherent receivers
2010 Sajid Saleem Dr Paul Warburton Dynamical behaviour of intrinsic Josephson junctions
2009 Lamia Baker (nee Meflah) Dr John Mitchell Multi-impairment and multi-channel optical performance monitoring


Cisco Prize

In 2014, UCL EEE graduate John Manville, the Senior Vice President (Global Infrastructure Services) at Cisco inaugurated a new student prize for the best research poster related to the 'Internet of Everything'. John was instrumental in setting up the successful Cisco International Internship Programme (CIIP)with UCL which has benefited over 50 students in the last 4 years who have spent a year working for the company in San Jose, California.

2018 Silvia Rossi  Dr Laura Toni

Adaptive Streaming for Immersive Communication 

2017 Thomas Gilbert Dr Sally Day Magnetometer-Free IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Sensor Fusion For Wearable Motion Capturing Technology
2016 Evdokia Pilavaki Prof. Andreas Demosthenous Optical sensing device for the detection of infectious diseases at the point of care.
2015 Jure Sokolic Dr Miguel Rodrigues Smart and Energy Efficient Sensing for the Internet of Things
2014 Arsam Nasrollahy Shiraz Professor Andreas Demosthenous Optimisation of a wearable device for Neuromodulation


Turing Institute Prize

A new prize launched in 2017 in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute. The prize was awarded for the Best Poster Related to the Work of the Alan Turing Institute:

2018 Daniel Mannion Prof. Tony Kenyon

Memristive Neural Networks

2017 Hedaia Ghannam Prof. Izzat Darwazeh Turbo Coding and Iterative Interference Cancellation of Spectrally Efficient FDM Systems
Honourable Mention - Zihui Zhang, Supervisor: Dr David Selviah, Poster: Closed-loop all-optical interrogation of neural circuits in vivo.