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EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship awarded to Nafiseh Vahabi

Congratulations to PhD student Nafiseh Vahabi.

Nafiseh has just been awarded a prestigious Doctoral Prize Fellowship offering 2 years of postdoctoral funding. Nafiseh is in the final year of her PhD, studying in the Photonics research group in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at UCL. Nafiseh is also an associate IPES CDT student ( She has been awarded a fellowship for a project on Deep Learning to Predict Medical Intervention During Lung Ventilation. Her project will address the lack of a sophisticated reliable tool for monitoring the neonate patients during ventilation therapy. The main application is to monitor breathing to detect, classify and to identify the need to intervene at the onset of sudden acute lung disease such as apnoea and pneumothorax in babies. The fellowship is aimed to design, develop and validate a novel reliable real time monitoring tool that addresses late and an incorrect treatment by detecting the features of the disease and predicting an essential urgent treatment.

 During her fellowship, Nafiseh will be based within the department whilst she collaborates with other departments at UCL, clinicians and the industrial partners to perform multidisciplinary research. Nafiseh thanks Prof. Sarah Spurgeon, head of the department, Dr. David Selviah, Prof. Izzat Darwazeh, Dr. Cyril Renaud , Dr. Ioannis Papakonstantinou  , Prof. Richard Bayford and Dr. Rebecca Yerworth for their advice and support.

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