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Prof Polina Bayvel given the UCL Consultants Award 2013

Prof Polina Bayvel has been given the UCL Consultants Award 2013, in recognition of her work on setting up a partnership with Huawei Technologies.

The partnership explores techniques for increasing data rates and transmission distances in high-capacity optical communications systems and networks. One example of Huawei's on-going collaboration with UCL is their partnership in the £4.8m UNLOC Programme Grant.

Total funding from Huawei to UCL is over £500k to date. The partnership supports Huawei in their work on developing next-generation optical transmission systems, and helps UCL in their ambition of increasing knowledge transfer.

UCL Consultants' Managing Director Roger de Montfort said:

"We were delighted to nominate Polina Bayvel as UCLC’s Consultant of the Year for 2013. She and her team have developed an exciting collaboration with a major player in the communications industry with the help of UCL Consultants.  Moreover, she has championed our work for many years and we believe she is a role model for consultancy activity at UCL and how it can contribute to academic objectives."

A video about the UCL-Huawei partnership can be viewed on the UCL Consultants website.