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ONG Papers Accepted for ECOC 2013

ONG members have had five papers accepted for presentation at ECOC 2013

ECOC - the 39th European Conference on Optical Communication - is the largest event of its kind in Europe, and will this year be held in London for the first time since the first conference in 1975. It will take place at the London ExCel Centre from 22nd to 26th September.

The ONG papers include three oral presentations and two posters:

Oral Presentations:

"Fast Wavelength Switching Digital Coherent OFDM Transceiver", R Maher, K Shi, SJ Savory, BC Thomsen. Mo.3.C.3 - 15:00

"Fixed Point and Power Consumption Analysis of a Coherent Receiver for Optical Access Networks Implemented in FPGA", D Cardenas, D Madan, S Win, D Lavery, SJ Savory. Mo.3.C.4 - 15:15

"Spectrally-Efficient Single-Sideband Subcarrier-Multiplexed Quasi-Nyquist QPSK with Direct Detection", MS Erkilinc, R Maher, M Paskov, S Kilmurray, S Pachnicke, H Griesser, BC Thomsen, P Bayvel, R Killey. Tu.3.C.4 - 15:00


"Novel Baud-Rate Estimation Technique for M-PSK and QAM Signals based on the Standard Deviation of the Spectrum", MV Ionescu, MS Erkilinc, M Paskov, SJ Savory, BC Thomsen. P.3.1

"Fast Optical Spectrum Estimation Using a Digital Coherent Receiver", H-M Chin, K Shi, R Maher, M Paskov, BC Thomsen, SJ Savory. P.3.23