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Adam Funnell

Adam FunnellBiography

Adam was born and educated in West Sussex, UK. He was awarded an MSci in Physics with first class honours from Imperial College London in 2013, with a specialism in experimental physics and a final-year project in high power laser use for plasma channel production.

Adam is a member of the UCL-Cambridge Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Systems Development (now IPES), and completed his MRes degree in Photonic Systems Development at the University of Cambridge in 2014. His research projects there included simulations of fibre-optic sensors for structural health monitoring, and the characterisation of semiconductor optical amplifiers for wavelength reconfigurable optical networks.


Research Interests

Optical implementations of software defined networking, media networks and live broadcast infrastructure

Project Area

Adam is exploring dynamic photonic spanning networks for smart UHD production services. As video production continually increases in resolution to 4K and beyond, current infrastructure for multi-camera and multi-location live broadcast production will not be able to cope with the required bandwidth. Photonic networks are ideal replacement candidates for the future, but challenges of monitoring video flows, precise timing control, and device interoperability must all be overcome.


Adam is co-supervised by Dr Benn Thomsen (UCL) and Dr Chris Chambers (BBC Research and Development).


Adam is funded by EPSRC through the UCL-Cambridge Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Systems Development (now IPES).