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Daniel Elson


Daniel Elson was born in Harrow, London, in 1989 and moved to Welwyn Garden City. He graduated from Imperial College with an MSci in Physics in 2013. His masters project was on the temporal evolution of laser generated plasmas under Prof Zulfikar Najmudin.

In the summer of 2012 he was awarded a bursary from the Institute of Physics to work at Williams F1 as part of the Top 40 Work Placements scheme. The work was centred around contact patch pressure analysis.

He joined the Optical Networks Group in December 2013, working under Prof Polina Bayvel on the topic of making the next generation of transmitter for the lab, working on getting a higher information spectral density (spectral efficiency) from either denser WDM channels or from faster symbol rates and higher cardinality modulation formats.


Research Interests

  • Applications of fundamental physics
  • Laser modulation techniques
  • Reaching the nonlinear limit of channel capacity

Project Title

Maximising the capacity of the nonlinear channel


Prof Polina Bayvel


Daniel is funded by the EPSRC with an iCASE award by the BBC.


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