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Gabriele Liga


Gabriele Liga was born in Palermo (Sicily), Italy, in 1983.He received a "Laurea triennale" (BSc equivalent) in  Telecommunication Engineering from the Universita' di Palermo in 2005. 

Gabriele then moved to Milan where, in 2011, he earned a "Laurea specialistica" degree, (MSc equivalent) "cum laude" at the Politecnico di Milano, focusing on optical communications and microwave technologies. For his Master's thesis he carried out a performance evaluation of a colorless WDM-PON scheme with incoherent optical injection at "Policom", the optical communications research group at Politecnico di Milano, headed by Professor M. Martinelli and partly funded by Alcatel-Lucent Italy.

In October 2011 he joined the UCL Optical Networks Group as a PhD student, under the supervision of Professor Polina Bayvel, aiming to investigate and push forward capacity limits in optical fibres. He is interested in information and communication theory applied to the optical fibre channel, statistical optics and advanced mathematical methods to model optical communication systems.


Research Interests

  • Communication theory (detection and estimation theory, coding, signal spaces, etc.) applied to fibre-optic transmission
  • Advanced coded modulation schemes (signal shaping, forward error correction, etc.) for optical communication
  • Shannon capacity of the non-linear optical fibre channel
  • Analytical modelling of the non-linear optical fibre channel 

Project Title



Prof Polina Bayvel