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Qianqiao Chen

BiographyQianqiao Chen

Qianqiao Chen received a BEng from Beijing University of Technology in 2012 and an MSc from the University of Bristol in 2013. Qianqiao then joined the Optical Networks Group in January 2017. His research area is network function programmability.

Research Interests

  • SoC/FPGA
  • Network function virtualisation for high performance computing


Project Title

Reconfigurable Computing for Network Function Vitualisation


Georgios Zervas




1. Chen, Q., Mishra, V., Zervas, G., “Reconfigurable Computing for Network Function Virtualization: A Protocol Independent Switch”, IEEE Reconfig 2016, , Nov-Dec 2016

2. Qianqiao Chen, Vaibhawa Mishra, Nick Parsons, Georgios Zervas, “Hardware Programmable Network Function Service Chain on Optical Rack-Scale Data Centers”, accepted for publication at OFC 2017