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Ramanan Thiruneelakandan

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I completed my first degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering (BEng) Hons with first class in 2005 from university college London (UCL) and have been working within the ONG at UCL since 2007.

Project Title

Crosstalk cancellation in WDM optical interconnects


Robert Killey


[1]  R.Thiruneelakandan, P. Watts, R. I. Killey, M. Glick, ‘DSP-based crosstalk canellation in WDM interconnects’, submitted to Conf. Lasers and Electro-optics (CLEO 2010)

[2]  R. I. Killey, P. M. Watts, Y. Benlachtar, R. Waegemans, R. Bouziane,
R. Thiruneelakandan, P. A. Milder, D. Rangaraj, A. Cartolano, R. Koutsoyannis, J. C. Hoe, M. Püschel, M. Glick, P. Bayvel, ‘FPGA-based optical transmitters for electronic predistortion and advanced signal format generation’, in Proc. 22nd Annual Meeting of the IEEE Photonics Society, invited paper TuI4, Belek-Antalya, Turkey, Oct 2009