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Vaibhawa Mishra


Vaibhawa Mishra was born in Gorakhpur, India. Vaibhawa Mishra completed a Master of Technology in Tezpur University, India and holds a Master of Science in Electronics. Currently, he is a Research Associate at University College London in the Optical Networks Group (ONG).

He started his career as a research professional with the Central Scientific and Research Institute, India. He has also worked work private companies in India. With around 6 years of experience, he has developed a special interest in the field of Reconfigurable Computing, FPGA based system design and prototyping and has delivered number of successful products to industry.

He then joined University of Bristol as a research assistant and worked in the EPSRC funded project, SONATAS: Synthetic On-Chip and Off-Chip Optical Network Systems. While working there, he developed his interests in network on chip and optical networks. He has learned about their many practical applications, especially in programmable hardware to interconnect high-speed, low-latency opto-electronic systems. In continuation with the above mentioned research, he joined University College London in December 2016 and is currently working on the European Commission funded project, dRedBox: Disaggregated Recursive Data-Center in a Box.  

Working with both emerging areas, he believes that FPGA can benefit the optical network infrastructure in many ways like programmable Network on Chip, network virtualization etc. The FPGA’s capability of parallel processing and high-speed computation can lead on to on-chip network servers with reconfigurable network services.

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Research Interests

  • FPGA based Embedded System Design
  • Hw/Sw Co Design; Digital Image /Video Processing
  • RTL Coding and Verification
  • High Level Synthesis
  • Device Driver and BSP Development, Reconfigurabe Computing System: Partial Reconfiguration
  • High Perforamane Networking/Computing: Network Function Virtulization, Network on Chips, Data-Centers


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