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Laboratory Facilities


The ONG optical networks and systems laboratory at UCL is the leading optical transmission research lab in the UK.

We are currently focused on characterising the performance of 100 Gb/s wavelength division multiplexed systems using advanced modulation formats in conjunction with coherent detection over transmission distances of up to 30,000 km.

This laboratory is based around an optical fibre recirculating loop test-bed and a comprehensive signal generation and detection capability.

Currently signal formats include PDM-QPSK, PS-QPSK and QAM 16 (approx. 300Gbit/s per wavelength channel) and up to 32 channels can be generated, transmitted and detected.

This facility has recently been enhanced with new laboratory space (CONNET Lab) and test and measurement equipment, including the following items:

  • Pulse Pattern Generator 4x14 Gb/s
  • 2 Arbitrary waveform generators
  • 2x 50 GS/s Digital Real time Oscilloscopes, supporting the generation and detection of both single and multicarrier modulations.