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ONG Papers Presented at Two International Conferences

Four papers were presented this week at ICTON 2014 and OECC 2014.

Dr Robert Killey presented a paper at the 16th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON 2014), taking place in Graz, Austria: "Experimental characterisation of digital Nyquist pulse-shaped dual-polarisation 16QAM WDM transmission and comparison with the Gaussian noise model of nonlinear propagation"

Three ONG members presented papers at the OptoElectronics and Communication Conference, which is taking place in Melbourne, Australia:

Dr Robert Maher: Digital Pulse Shaping to Mitigate Linear Crosstalk in Nyquist-Spaced 16QAM WDM Transmission Systems

Milen Paskov: Blind Adaptive Equalization of Chromatic Dispersion for PDM-QPSK

Dr Seb Savory: Digital Signal Processing: Enabling a Revolution in Optical Networking