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ONG papers accepted for OFC 2014

The Optical Networks Group has had 9 papers (including one invited paper) accepted for presentation at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2014.

The full OFC 2014 programme can be viewed here.

Rachid Bouziane: "Blind symbol synchronisation in direct-detection optical OFDM using virtual subcarriers"

Daniel Cardenas: "Reducing the Power Consumption of the CMA Equalizer Update for a Digital Coherent Receiver"

Sezer Erkilinc: "Nyquist-Shaped Dispersion-Precompensated Subcarrier Modulation with Direct Detection"

David Ives: "Quantifying the Impact of Non-linear Impairments on Blocking Load in Elastic Optical Networks"

Domanic Lavery: "Digital Coherent Technology for Long-Reach Optical Access" - invited paper

Gabriele Liga: "Digital Backpropagation for High Spectral Efficiency Terabit/s Superchannels"

David Millar (MERL): "Experimental Demonstration of 24-Dimensional Extended Golay Coded Modulation with LDPC"

Robert Maher: "Fast Wavelength Switching DP-OFDM Transceiver in a 5-Node 800km Coherent OBS Network"

Kai Shi: "Degenerate Mode-Group Division Multiplexing using Delayed Adaptive Frequency-Domain Equalization"

OFC is the largest Optical Communications conference in the world; the 2014 conference will be held from 9th - 13th March in San Francisco.