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EU Future Internet Assembly

Alex Galis appointed to Future Internet Assembly Steering Committee
EU Future Internet Assembly

Future Internet Assembly

Alex Galis has being appointed as a member of the FIA Steering Committee, which is guiding the overall direction of the FIA activities.

The European Future Internet Assembly also known as FIA, is a collaboration between 150 EU research projects part of the ICT programme of FP7, that have recognised the need to strengthen research European activities on the Future Internet to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace.

These projects are advancing the state of the art in:

  • The network of the future
  • Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software Engineering
  • Internet-connected objects
  • Trustworthy ICT
  • Networked Media and Search Systems
  • Socio-economic considerations for the Future Internet
  • Application domains for the Future Internet
  • Future Internet Research and Experimentation