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Department's New MBE Facility

opened by HRH The Princess Royal
Department's New MBE Facility

Opening of the New MBE Facility, Dr Huiyun Liu, HRH The Princess Royal, Prof Alwyn Seeds

Today (12/01/10) the Department's new Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) facility was opened by HRH The Princess Royal. The purpose of the new UCL Molecular Beam Epitaxy system is to create new and improved devices using special materials built by controlling their structure atom by atom.

Those present at the opening included the Chancellor of the University of London, Professor Bernard Buxton, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Professor Alwyn Seeds, Head of Department, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Professor Sir Michael Pepper, Pender Professor of Nanoelectronics, UCL and Professor Malcolm Grant, President and Provost, University College London.

MBE is used worldwide for growing a wide-range of high-quality complex semiconductor structures for high-quality electronic and photonic devices, including high-speed transistors, light-emitting diodes, high-efficiency solar cells, and solid state lasers.

Further details of the capabilities of this equipment.