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Communications and Information Systems

Communications and Information Systems Group

Communications and Information Systems

Head of Group
Prof Izzat Darwazeh
Academic Members
Dr Ioannis Andreopoulos
Dr Christos Masouros
Dr John Mitchell
Prof George Pavlou
Dr Miguel Rio
Dr Miguel Rodrigues
Dr Kit Wong
Principle Teaching Fellow
Dr Clive Poole
Research Visitors
Prof Bob Cryan CBE DL
Prof Andy Valdar

UCL's 75 people strong Communications and Information Systems Group is active in researching fundamental and practical aspects of communication systems and telecommunication networks. We address issues relating to delivering information signals across different platforms and media. Our research involves us in today's technologies, as well as future technologies and techniques required to engineer the networks of the coming decades. We cover all the OSI layers with a focus on access networks and Passive Optical Networks, wireless systems, modulation and channel capacity, Coding and image coding, Internet Protocol (IP) networks, Network management and service management, peer to peer communication and, most importantly, the interactions among many of these research areas.

The themes of our research may be summarised as:

  • cross-layer interaction between state-of-the-art modulation strategies at the physical/access layer and network infrastructures for real-time multimedia communications
  • integration of peer-to-peer live media delivery with the latest network management strategies and with the state-of-the-art coding frameworks,
  • real-time transmission over wireless channels

Our research is motivated by the explosive growth in demand on bandwidth and services. In the next 5 years, the demand on the network is expected to rise 100 fold. There is a real need for new and innovative engineering solutions to complement or even replace the well tried (but tired) technologies. Given our past history at UCL and our current strength, we continuously show, through our research, that we are well placed to address future challenges in this exciting area. We collaborate with many industrial and research organisations ranging from operators and service providers (e.g. BT, Vodafone, Orange...etc) to communications equipment designers and manufacturers (e.g. Nokia, Siemens, Selex, Aeroflex, Alps Electric...etc); and from small research organisations to giants such as CERN. In addition, we have active collaboration with many world leading universities the UK, EU and worldwide.

We strive to be world leaders in our areas of scholarship and hope that the following pages will give you a good idea of who we are and what we do.

Research Areas
Network management, service engineering and autonomic communications.
Large scale multi-service IP networks (fixed and mobile) from the viewpoint of network resourcing, inter-domain QoS, network measurement, complexity issues, security aspects, policy based management
Image and Video coding, Approximate signal processing, incremental refinement of computation for signal transforms and multimedia processing algorithms
Peer-to peer networks, mulitcast and multimedia distribution
Ad-hoc networking and self organizing sensor networks
Fixed and wireless access networks for broadband access including radio-over-fibre and next generation optical access
MIMO, Cooperative and Cognitive wireless networks.
Optical receiver designs, signal shaping and filtering for 2.5, 10 and 40 Gbit/s systems and Optical Code Division Multiple Access
Extensive circuit design work in CMOS and BiCMOS for high speed communications with a focus on Multi-Gbit/s MIC, MMIC and OEIC circuits for optical and mobile communications especially cellular base station designs.