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EPSRC Bridging the Gaps Grant

Awarded to develop a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Sensor system
EPSRC Bridging the Gaps Grant

Dr Matthew Ash, Dr Kevin Chetty and Dr Matthew Ritchie

Researchers Dr. Matthew Ash and Dr. Matthew Ritchie from the Sensors, Systems and Circuits group, and Dr. Kevin Chetty from the Department of Security and Crime Science have been awarded an EPSRC Bridging the Gaps research grant from the UCL Institute of Making. The grant will fund a new project to develop an FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) Sensor system for applications in the Security and Crime Science research.

The project aims to produce a new, low-cost sensor for the purpose of localising and identifying targets using their micro-Doppler signatures. The researchers will collect measurements of the micro-Doppler signatures of individuals performing various actions using the new sensor. By understanding the characteristics of these signatures from a number of perspectives, the researchers hope to develop methods to identify key movement types that relate to security threats.

This research represents a new collaboration between the Electronic &s; Electrical Engineering Department and the Department of Security and Crime Science, bringing technology innovation and its applications closer together. The Sensors, Systems and Circuits group has a wealth of experience in the development of hardware and radar signal processing techniques. This knowledge is complemented directly by the aims and interests of the Security and Crime Science department.