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IEEE Signal Processing Letters Best Paper Award

Won by Dr Kit Wong

Dr Kit Wong has won the IEE Signal Processing Letters Best Paper Award for 2013. The award aims to honor the author(s) of a letter article of exceptional merit and broad interest on a subject related to the Society's technical scope and appearing in the IEEE Signal Processing Letters. To be eligible for consideration, an article must have appeared in the IEEE Signal Processing Letters in an issue predating the Spring Awards Board meeting by five years. In this case, Dr Wong's paper published in 2009 was selected as the winner.

Significance of the work

The last 15 years or so have seen a great success in MIMO antenna systems for wireless communications but for some important scenarios a more flexible and dynamic solution would be required. One such scenario is the cell-edge of cellular networks where any increase in transmit power would raise the interference level of the network. User cooperation communication extends the concept of MIMO by sharing the antennas at different mobile terminals and can greatly improve the performance of cell-edge users. This work specifically addresses the cooperative communication system where a number of mobile terminals work together to form focused signal beam to maximise the SINR of the receiver. A great contribution of the work is that it provides a scalable and distributed method that allows the terminals to learn and find the optimal solution.