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The Future of Solar Cells

New Grant Awarded

High-efficiency semiconductor III-V quantum-dot solar cells

Energy supply becomes one of the most important problems facing humanity. The exponential demand for energy is evidenced by dwindling fossil fuel supplies and record-high oil and gas prices due to global population growth and economic development. This energy shortage has significant implications to the future of our society. Photovoltaic energy conversion is a simple but elegant way of harnessing the sun’s energy by directly converting the incident solar radiation without polluting by-products. The ultimate aim of this project is to develop high-efficiency 3rd-generation solar cells with the use of III-V quantum dots - semiconductor nanosized crystals. In this project, III-V quantum dots will be explored in the context of an intermediate band structure to enhance efficiency of III-V solar cells. This area brings together epitaxial material growth in Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, III-V device fabrication and characterization in the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) at UCL.


This research is supported by Dstl National PhD scheme.


Principal Investigator: Dr Huiyun Liu