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Cross-sectional imaging of Antarctic ice shelves.

Professor Paul Brennan receives NERC grant to extend current research

Professor Paul Brennan, Head of the Sensors, Systems and Circuits research group has received an extension of funding from the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) for his group’s radar imaging research of Antarctic ice shelves, performed in conjunction with the British Antarctic Survey. The research has so far involved the development and deployment of a single prototype radar on the Larsen-C ice shelf (see photo) and will now be expanded to the deployment on the Pine Island Glacier of a set of field-ready, autonomous, phase-sensitive FMCW radar units. The proof-of-concept of these units is currently under investigation within an existing NERC study, NE/I000623/1. These units will provide high precision (of order 1 mm) range profiling through the ice, and be capable of monitoring over an extended period of several seasons or years, yielding data of hitherto unrivalled detail and extent. One such unit will be configured as a MIMO array, providing a two-dimensional cross-sectional profile through the ice, with an angular resolution of the order of 1 degree.