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New EPSRC HyperTerahertz Programme Grant

Builds on success of COTS: Professor Alwyn Seeds
New EPSRC HyperTerahertz Programme Grant

Prof Seeds

Congratulations to Professor Alwyn Seeds, Head of UCL Photonics Group who will be UCL PI on a new £6.38m EPSRC Programme Grant called 'HyperTerahertz' (High precision terahertz spectroscopy and microscopy) lead by the University of Leeds. UCL will share £2.6m of the research funding.

This new Programme Grant will build on the highly successful work of the Coherent THz Systems programme grant (COTS) which was lead by Professor Seeds: from 2012 to July 2017. COTS demonstrated coherent continuous wave terahertz (THz) systems across the THz spectrum for the first time. The research challenge was stated as follows: "Our vision is to open up the THz spectrum for widespread scientific and commercial application, through the use of photonics-enabled coherent techniques". This was to be achieved by developing heterodyne approaches using telecommunications wavelength laser sources at frequencies below 2 THz, where high performance quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are difficult to realise, and by the locking of QCLs to achieve controllable highly coherent sources at higher frequencies. This ambitious research challenge has now substantially been achieved.

A video aimed at explaining the importance of the relatively unexplored terahertz (THz) region of the electromagnetic spectrum funded by the UK's EPSRC (EP/J017671/1) is available below:


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