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IET A. F. Harvey Prize affecting research two years on

Prof. Griffiths talks about reinvesting prize money
IET A. F. Harvey Prize affecting research two years on

netRAD Bistatic Radar testing

A new IET Video highlights the impact of Professor Hush Griffiths’ A. F. Harvey Prize award to his bistatic radar research. Professor Griffiths speaks of how he has used the prize money of £300,000 that he was awarded in 2012 when he won the IET Harvey Prize.

The IET A. F. Harvey Engineering Research Prize is a major annual award, honouring an exceptional individual researcher for a specific outstanding achievement in a defined area of engineering research with promising prospects for yet further significant advances. The prize money is used to support further research by the recipient, contributing additionally to the benefit of society. The award is named after Dr Arthur Frank Harvey, an IET member, who bequeathed a generous sum of money to the IET for a Trust Fund to be set up in his name after his death. The terms of the Trust specify that the money is to be used for the furtherance of scientific research into the fields of medical, microwave, laser or radar engineering.

Professor Griffiths said that winning the prize has made a real difference to his work and has helped attract researchers to the radar group at UCL. "The prize has given me some extra kudos when applying for grants and in attracting people to come to work here." Bistatic radar is where a transmitter and receiver are located separately, rather than using a single antenna. The receivers in this model can be cheap and very hard to detect.