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Photonics Group


Head of Group:
Prof Alwyn Seeds
Group Members:
Dr Sally Day
Dr Anibal Fernandez
Dr Martyn Fice
Prof Huiyun Liu
Dr Chin Pang Liu
Dr Oleg Mitrofanov
Dr Nicolae Paniou
Dr Cyril Renaud
Dr David Selviah
Dr Jiang Wu
Visiting Professors:
Prof C Park (OCP)
Prof A Hadjifotiou (Formerly Nortel)
Research Areas
Optical Devices & Systems
Ultra Fast Photonics

The Photonics Group is involved in studies of opto-electronic devices, sub-systems and systems ranging from semiconductor lasers and liquid crystal wavelength division multiplex filters to millimetre-wave over fibre broadband access systems, with close interactions with industry and other leading research groups around the world.

Our ability to explore fundamental physics of new opto-electronic devices through to high-speed optical systems research is a particular strength, and unique among UK universities. The Group's announced new grant and contract income over the period 2003 to 2008 was over £ 10 million and is on a rising trend.

In work on ultra-fast photonics we have played a leading part in wireless over fibre broadband access research, optical frequency synthesis and novel InP based laser, modulator and regenerator device design and fabrication. In work on optical devices and systems we have developed low cost, high capacity, short range transmission systems and are active in 2d optics and advanced liquid crystal device research.

Our basic opto-electronics research activities are important to the future growth of the Group and of major importance in their own right. Our work on time-resolved non-linear optical absorption in quantum well devices has led to a range of ultra-fast optical processing devices. Novel 2d optics research includes multimode polymer waveguide backplane connector modelling and the application of liquid crystals to microwave systems.

Experimental facilities include a new Veeco molecular beam epitaxy system for the growth of advanced compound semiconductors, housed in a new purpose built clean room, comprehensive device processing capabilities including direct-write e-beam lithography through our participation in the London Centre for Nanotechnology, and a wide range of characterisation equipment including photo-luminescence spectroscopy, X-Ray diffraction, optical spectrum analysis, network and spectrum analysis to 110 GHz, vector signal analysis and bit error rate measurement.

The Group has extensive collaborative links with many other universities and industry worldwide.

Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems Research Programme - Studentships available