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EEE research is front-page news

Recent work by researchers led by Dr Oleg Mitrofanov has been featured on the front cover of APL Photonics.

Research from the Electronic and Electrical Engineering’s Ultrafast Laser Laboratory has been featured on the front cover of the most recent edition of APL Photonics.

The research article published by the EEE team is entitled “Efficient photoconductive terahertz(THz) detector with all-dielectric optical metasurface”. The work focuses on enabling efficient and sensitive detection of THz radiation. It is achieved by nano-structuring the photoconductive channel in a THz detector as an all-optical metasurface.

The research team responded to the news by saying “Detection of THz radiation with high sensitivity and efficiency is one of the most challenging problems for the development of THz technology. It’s great to see the contribution we are making recognised.” The research team consists of a PhD student Mr Tom Siday, Dr Robert Thompson and Dr Oleg Mitrofanov in EEE, along with collaborators from Sandia National Laboratories.

This research is part of the larger programme of work being undertaken within EEE to advance THz technology. 

The full research article can be found at :