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Tour the Anechoic Chamber

Believed to be the only facility of it's kind in a UK University

A new tour of the department's anechoic chamber is now available. Filmed using the Faculty's new 360 camera, you can scroll around the screen if viewing on a desktop, or view through a smartphone, Ipad or other tablet and move your device around to immerse yourself in the chamber! Several other tours of state of the art UCL Engineering facilities are also available.

About the UCL EEE Anechoic Chamber

An anechoic chamber is a room in which the walls, ceiling and floor are lined with an absorbent material to minimise reflections. The department is home to one such facility and we have configured it as a spherical near field antenna measurement chamber - believed to be the only facility of its kind in a UK university. It is used to measure the radiation pattern of antennas in order to determine their gain, directionality and other key properties. This type of instrument has many applications including radio communications and radar. If your company are interested in making use of this facility, please contact our Business Development and Marketing Manager, Tim Bodley-Scott