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Dr Anibal Fernandez becomes a Reader

Recognising research achievement
Dr Anibal Fernandez becomes a Reader

Dr Fernandez

Dr Anibal Fernandez has been promoted to Reader in the UCL EEE department.

The predominant criterion for such a promotion is for a record of research. International recognition of achievement is expected, together with evidence that the potential already shown will lead to continued research achievement.

Dr Fernandez’s main research interests include the advanced and comprehensive modelling of liquid crystal structures for displays, photonic and microwave applications. Applications include the analysis and design of LC on Silicon (LCOS) cells, for displays and communications, the dynamic study of bistable displays, and other devices where the dynamic behaviour of defects play an important role. The current interest is in extending these modelling capabilities further to dimensions where the current continuum theory is not adequate and to include the modelling of nanostructures in liquid crystal cells, as surface features or as suspended, moving nanoparticles in colloidal mixtures. Other interests include the development of computational modelling methods for optical and microwave waveguide devices and other areas of electromagnetics and numerical methods. For more details, see: