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Two Promotions to Senior Lecturer

Dr Kenneth Tong & Dr Neil Curson
Two Promotions to Senior Lecturer

Dr Curson & Dr Tong

Congratulations to Dr Kenneth Tong and Dr Neil Curson on their promotions to Senior Lecturer in the UCL EEE department.

Promotion may be based primarily on outstanding excellence and innovation in teaching, or on excellence in research at a national level together with excellence in teaching, knowledge transfer/exchange and enabling.

Dr Tong is an expert in antennas and microwave technology and he became internationally acclaimed for his consultancy work on the Vodafone Booster Brolly: His other projects have included a contactless ECG machine that can take heart measurements from patients with severe burns and creating mobile phone antennas that improve performance when phones are held in different positions, automatically aligning with multi-directional signals to give the best quality call. Dt Tong is actively involved in knowledge transfer activities through the KTP scheme and collaboration with Passive Eye to develop a self-powered GPS locator that never needs recharging based on clever energy-harvesting technology.

Dr Curson’s prime research interests are centred around understanding and controlling the physics of nano and atomic scale processes that occur at surfaces. This includes fundamental research into the behaviour of atoms and molecules at surfaces and the development and deployment of new nanolithographic techniques, strongly impacting on the fabrication of nanoscale electronic devices and atomic-scale components for quantum computers.