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Prof Tony Kenyon


Professor of Nanoelectronic & Nanophotonic Materials

Room 1122, Roberts Building, UCL

Address:Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
University College London
Torrington Place
Research Group:Electronic Materials and Devices
Personal Web Page:Nanoelectronics & Nanophotonics
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7679 3270 / 33270 (internal)  
Fax:+44 (0)20 7388 9325

Tony Kenyon is currently the Vice Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Professor of Nanoelectronic & Nanophotonic Materials in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. His research interests include resistance switching; RRAM; neuromorphic devices; nanostructured materials for electronics and photonics; silicon photonics, and self-assembled nanoscale systems.

Professor Kenyon is a Fellow of both the Institute of Physics and the IET, a Senior Member of the IEEE, a member of the EPSRC ICT Strategic Advisory Team, and serves on the Executive Committee of the European Materials Research Society. He is the author of more than 90 peer-reviewed publications, and sits on the editorial board of several journals. He regularly gives invited talks at major international meetings, and has co-organised a number of international symposia. Tony is working closely with UCL Business to commercialise his resistance switching research, and is currently setting up a spin-out company (Intrinsic Semiconductor Technology) to develop novel RRAM devices and applications.

Tony received a BSc and D.Phil in Chemical Physics from the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK in 1986 and 1992, respectively, and joined UCL shortly afterwards. He was promoted to a Chair in Nanoelectronic & Nanophotonic Materials in 2014.

My group’s research interests focus mainly on nanostructured materials and devices and their applications in electronics and photonics. Particular areas of interest include:

Resistive switching/ RRAM

  • Resistive switching in silicon oxides
  • Si-based RRAM
  • Neuromorphic applications of RRAM devices
  • Light-triggered resistance switching
  • Resistive switching in polymer nanofibres
  • Memristors

Self-assembled nanostructures

  • Self-assembled arrays of metallic nanoparticles for photonics, electronics and plasmonics
  • Interactions between nanoparticles and fluorophores
  • Electrospinning nanofibres containing nanoparticles
  • Viral assembly of nanostructures

Silicon photonics

  • Light emission from silicon nanoclusters
  • Quantum confinement effects
  • Defect emission from silicon nanoclusters and silica
  • Dislocation luminescence from silicon
  • Si-based LEDs

Rare-earth doped photonic materials

  • Sensitisation of rare-earth luminescence by silicon nanoclusters
  • Er-doped Si nanocluster LEDs

Novel semiconductor optical MEMS

  • III-V MEMS-based optical buffers

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