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Academic Promotions 2016/17

Senior Academic, Research and Teaching Fellow Promotions Announced

Many congratulations to departmental academic staff who have gained promotion in this academic year’s round. They are as follows:

Hide Kurebayashi has been promoted to Senior Lecturer

Hidekazu Kurebayashi is a Senior Lecturer at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and Electronic and Electrical Engineering, researching within the field of spintronics, in particular the physics and materials science related to the spin-orbit interaction and GHz spin dynamics. Prior to this UCL position started in Oct 2013, he was in University of Cambridge where he did his PhD (2005-2009), postdoc (2009-2011) and a research fellow funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2012) and Japan Science and Technology Agency (2012-2013).

Chin-Pang Liu has been promoted to Senior Lecturer

Dr. Chin-Pang Liu received the First-Class B.Eng. (Hons.) Degree and the Ph.D. Degree in electronic and electrical engineering from University College London (UCL), London, U.K., in 1994 and 2000, respectively. His Ph.D. research topic was optoelectronic mixing in heterojunction bipolar transistors. He worked for JVC in Hong Kong from 1994 to 1995 as project coordinator. He was a Research Fellow from 2000 to 2009 then a Lecturer and is now a Senior Lecturer in Photonics at UCL.

Kenneth Tong has been promoted to Reader in Antennas and Microwave and Millimetre-wave Engineering

Kenneth Tong was born in Hong Kong and received the B.Eng.(Hons.) and Ph.D. degrees in Electronic Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong in 1993 and 1997, respectively. After graduation, he worked as a research fellow in the Department of Electronic Engineering in the university for two years. Then he took up the post Expert researcher in the Photonic Information Technology Group and Millimetre-wave Devices Group of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NiCT), Japan, where his main research focused on millimetre-wave planar antennas that would smoothly integrate with photonic devices for high-speed wireless communication systems. In 2005, Kenneth started his academic career in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, UCL, as a lecturer before this promotion.

Miguel Rio has been promoted to Professor of Computer Networks

Miguel Rio is a Professor in Telecommunications and Computer Networks at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London. He belongs to the Communications and Information Systems Group who are actively designing many components of the Future Internet and help changing the way people communicate and access information in the 21st Century.