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Provost's Teaching Award

awarded to Dr John Mitchell

Dr John Mitchell of the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has been awarded one of this year's Provost's Teaching Awards in the Experienced Staff Category.

The Provost’s Teaching Awards celebrate leadership in teaching and learning across UCL’s eight faculties, and demonstrate our commitment to the promotion of research-led teaching.

Dr Mitchell lead the introduction of Problem Based Learning in E&EE which took a traditional, lecture based course in the 3rd year of the undergraduate curriculum and replaced it with a problem based approach. The resulting course requires groups of students to report on the solutions to a set of problems over the course of one term. No formal lectures were given, with the only contact through facilitation session where experienced staff were able to offer guidance to the groups while being careful not to have too heavy an influence on the solution being investigated.

To following the success of Problem Based Learning, detailed below, we aimed to extend this student centred approach to earlier years and promote team work as well as enable students to make great connection between the courses they encounter in the first two years of their studies. In 2008 the Department introduced a series of, week long, engineering design projects called scenarios, where students work in small groups in a realistic situation on a fairly open problem where the outcomes are undetermined.