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IEEE 2013 ComSoc Prize Winner

Second prize awarded to undergraduate student Luka Mustafa

Undergraduate student Luka Mustafa has just been awarded second prize for his 3rd year project titled 'VALET' by the IEEE in the 2013 ComSoc Student Competition "Communications Technology Changing the World". Luka's project, supervised by Dr Benn Thomsen was about the development of a Very Affordable Laser Ethernet Transceiver (VALET) which he is now continuing to develop full time, having received a Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant.

Projects submitted were evaluated by an international committee made up of 30 experts. His project was selected out of 70 top projects from Electronic and Electrical Engineering students around the world.

You can read more about the continued development of Luka's project as he constructs outdoor mountable units for long term experiments at his website: You can also find out more about the competition at:

Luka is an active member of the department's Fleming Society which is currently offering lots of exciting student projects in partnership with UCL Computer Science and industry partners.