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Our interns in California on the Cisco International Internship Programme (CIIP)

Their experiences so far
Our interns in California on the Cisco International Internship Programme (CIIP)

Our interns at CISCO in california

Several UCL Engineering students, including undergrads Bruno Calogero and Silvia Rodriguez Garcia from this department, are currently spending a year at Cisco Systems HQ in California on the Cisco International Internship Programme (CIIP). Each year we send students to work for the technology company in San Jose. Since 2012 we have sent over 70 students there and many have gone on to secure employment with the company.

Undergraduate students apply in their penultimate year and MSc students may apply and if successful, transfer on to a 2 year MSc with a year in industry, in order to complete the programme.

Here are some quotes from our students on their experiences so far:

"I am extremely honored to form part of the Cisco family. Cisco is the embodiment of loving the place and role you work in. CIIP is exclusively designed to allow you the flexibility to shape around the tasks you enjoy most and stretch out across different teams to fully expand and explore your capabilities; everyday I grow to realize my potential. Silicon Valley, thrills and thrives your travelling experiences to the core. It's important to bring back and share the knowledge! Live, Work, Give, Travel." - Silvia Rodriguez Garcia

"I could have not asked for a better opportunity than CIIP to start my career right in the heart of Silicon Valley. The experience is definitely rewarding, it's a great mix of work hard & play hard - the culture at Cisco is great!" - Syeda Valliani

"Cisco is a blank page filled with opportunities, you can become a better version of yourself in just a year. The freedom to explore different avenues is great and the environment is extremely friendly" - Bruno Calogero

"The first few weeks of the CIIP program have been wonderful. Every Cisco employee that I have met has been incredibly kind and welcoming. The Silicon Valley lies at the epicentre of technological progress, and I greatly look forward to spending the next year here." - Spencer Thellmann

"This internship has truly been a wonderful experience so far. Everyday I get to work with state-of-the-art technology alongside some of the most talented engineers in the world. I would absolutely recommend this opportunity to everyone who is looking for a challenging and rewarding year in one of the most beautiful places in the world: no matter what your passion is, you will find it at Cisco!" - Balint Szmolka

"My experience at Cisco has far exceeded my expectations. I have been fully integrated into the team and given the same responsibility as full-time members, and everyone is remarkably keen to offer help and advice whenever I need it. CIIP interns are really valued by the company, and this also shows in the standard of accommodation, facilities and benefits we are provided with. Working for a year alongside some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley before I even graduate is an extremely rare opportunity, and one I am greatly thankful to Cisco and UCL for." - Albert Miquel Pico