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Several of our current or graduate students on their internship year at Cisco in San Jose.

How do our students benefit from the Cisco International Internship Programme? Our students share their experiences.

Several UCL Engineering students, including undergrads Konrad Chlupka and Pedro Oliveira and graduate Viet Cuong Vu from this department, are currently spending a year at Cisco Systems HQ in California on the Cisco International Internship Programme (CIIP). Each year we send students to work for the technology company in San Jose. Since 2012 we have sent about 80 students there and many have gone on to secure employment with the company. We are delighted that Cisco have recently announced they will be setting up one of the world’s largest AI research centres at UCL:

Our undergraduate students apply in their penultimate year or final year and MSc students may apply and if successful, transfer on to a 2 year MSc with a year in industry, in order to complete the programme. Many students return from their internship even more motivated and excited about careers in engineering and technology. Here are some quotes from our students on their experiences so far:

W. Konrad Chlupka:“After spending just over a month in California, I'm certain that Cisco International Internship Program is an outstanding opportunity which can redefine one's career. Working here exposes me to cutting-edge technologies used worldwide, and I get to cooperate with the greatest minds in the industry. I look forwards to all the opportunities in the coming months.”

Pedro Oliveira: "Having recently started my year-long internship at Cisco in San Jose, I can say that it has been one of the greatest opportunities in my career. Working at Cisco gives you not only the chance to develop and test the latest technology, but also allows you to network with the best professionals in the field, ultimately pushing your career forward. In addition, living in the heart of Silicon Valley has its many advantages, whether it be visiting Google HQ or going on a weekend trip to Los Angeles.”

Viet Cuong Vu: “For anyone aspiring a career in technology, the Valley is the perfect place to set you up for success.Cisco itself provides you with the latest tools and technologies to work with, as well as some of the most brilliant minds in the industry from all across the globe.All of this fosters a culture that encourages you to explore every venue of opportunity and become a better version of yourself every day.”