This book was made possible by the hard work of the members of the project team who performed the technical work and the additional tasks required to present their results for wider consumption; by the members of collaborating projects, particularly EXPLOIT, COBRA, PREPARE, and PRISM; by the supporting staff in the consortium organisations; and by the RACE Central Office, without whom it would not have been possible.

The authors of this book are credited on the title page of each chapter, but there are implicit contributions from all participants in the project. For this reason a full list of the past and present members of the ICM team is given below.

Alcatel ISR, France

Cyril Autant

Olivier Chambon

Gilbert Colin

Alain Combastel

Patrick Legand

Xavier Pandolfi

Jérémy Vinant



Alpha SAI, Greece

Vagelis Antippas

Panos Georgatsos

Nicholas Karatzas

Kostas Kassapakis

Mina Kokkini

Alekos Kotsanas

Konstantina Mourelatou

Kyriakos Varvaressos

Nikos Verikios

Ascom Monetel, France

Olivier Audouard

Michel Besson

Blaise Kiss

Rajko Porovic

Bruno Rossi

Eric Smith

Ascom Tech, Switzerland

Rajko Porovic

Eric Smith


CET - Centro de Estudos de Telecommunicações, Portugal

Teresa Almeida

António Bastos

Isabel Borges

Abílio Carvalho

Fausto Carvalho

Mário Ferreira

Joaquim Loureiro

José Pinho

Manuela Silva

Cray Communications Ltd., United Kingdom

Canute Brown

Bernard Burns

Andy Carr

Bob Evans

Alex Galis

Richard Lewis

Dennis Nyong

Pravin Patel


DELTA - Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics, Denmark

Chris Bagge

Jens Heilesen

Xiaoping Johansen

Maurizio Panzieri

Johanne Schmidt

Jakob Thomsen

Michael Zeeberg



DNAC - De Nouvelles Architectures pour les Communications, France

Faouzi Ababsa

Moumen Agoulmine

Nazim Agoulmine

Raouf Boutaba

Pierre-Yves Martin

Neuman de Souza

Uleber Sampio de Souza

Delphine Truong


FORTH-ICS - Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas,
Institute of Computer Science, Greece

Costas Courcoubetis

Verna Friesen

David Griffin

Vana Kalogeraki

Dimos Panagopoulos

Stelios Sartzetakis

Vassilis Spitadakis

Vassilis Siris

Costas Stathopoulos

Magda Xatzaki



GN Nettest AS, Denmark

Michael Hansen

Michael Jacobsen

Niels Koefoed

Per Skovgaard



KTAS - The Copenhagen Telephone Company, Denmark

(KTAS was a member of the ICM consortium for the first year of the project)

Rajiev Gupta

Carsten Gyrn

Michael Hansen

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Valia Demesticha

Spiros Dilis

Giorgos Konstantoulakis

George Korinthios

John Markopoulos

Konstantina Mourelatou

Giorgos Mykoniatis

Vassilis Nellas

Emmanuel Protonotarios

Dionysis Reisis

Jorge-A. Sanchez-P.

Michalis Theologou

Theodoros Varverakis



Nokia Corporation, Finland

Pekka Jussila

Hannu Mettälä

Petri Niska

James Reilly

Kari Salo


Queen Mary and Westfield College, United Kingdom

Matthew Bocci

Sam Manthorpe

Babul Miah

Jonathan Pitts

Eric Scharf


Unipro Ltd., United Kingdom

Philip Doyle

Matthew Farwell

Steve Greenroyd

Kevin Riley

Thurain Tin


University College London, United Kingdom

Saleem Bhatti

James Cowan

Peter Kirstein

Kevin McCarthy

George Pavlou

Thurain Tin

University of Durham, United Kingdom

Philip Aranzulla

Peter Baxendale

Chris Bunney

Jian-Rong Chen

Sarah Cowell

Phil Mars

Jim Swift

Paul Thomas


VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland

Matti Hallivuori

Henryka Jormakka

Kimmo Kettunen

Juha Koivisto

James Reilly

Tapio Suihko

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