Authors: Richard Lewis, David Griffin, George Pavlou

ICM developed a TMN Testbed tailored to the management of IBC Networks and Services, making use of Advanced Information Processing technologies and conforming to emerging TMN principles and standards, integrated with new research results originating within the project. Although the project has advanced the state of the art in a number of areas of theoretical study, the approach of the project has essentially been a practical one. The work described in this book and, in particular, the conclusions presented here are based on real experience gained through practical work. The theoretical results of the project have been validated through design, implementation and experimentation.

The Testbed comprises a TMN Platform, Management Applications, Real Networks, Network Interfaces, and an ATM Simulator, derived from external technologies integrated with components implemented by the project. ICM addressed a wide range of management scenarios, including performance and configuration management applied to LANs, Access Networks, WANs, and Value Added Services implemented in four Testbed versions. Following implementation and testing, the experimental results were analysed and a number of conclusions were drawn. These conclusions are summarised in the remainder of this chapter.

ICM integrated and enhanced the TMN related results of the RACE Programme and other initiatives, so performing an important validation function in the area of TMN. The project established an advanced management capability comprising a platform, management applications and network interfaces, which has been successfully applied to the management of real IBC networks. ICM gained and demonstrated valuable experience in the development of IBC management systems, which forms a firm foundation for the development of future standards, products, and further advanced research.

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