Experimental results

Editors: Dionysis Reisis, Richard Lewis

Authors: Panos Georgatsos, Peter Baxedale, Dionysis Reisis

This chapter presents the results of testing and evaluating the ICM TMN functional implementation, as the concluding phase of the project. This phase is important for two reasons: it validates the functionality of the developed system, and it shows the improvement in network performance resulting from operation of the TMN.

This chapter is organised as follows: Section 12.1 provides the rationale behind the tests and Section 12.2 introduces the evaluation procedures. Section 12.3 summarises the testing performed on real networks. Section 12.4 analyses in detail the tests and evaluation of the VPCM system applied on the ATM simulator. Section 12.5 draws conclusions from the experimental work performed.

Owing to space constraints only a subset of the tests performed is described here. Further details can be found in ICM Deliverable 21.

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