The ICM ATM network simulator

Editor: Panos Georgatsos

Authors: Matthew Bocci, Panos Georgatsos, Michael Hansen, Eric Scharf, Jim Swift, Jakob Thomsen, Kyriakos Varvaressos

The ICM project has developed cell rate network simulators for use in the development and testing of the management functions/systems developed in the course of the project. The simulator is an integral part of the ICM TMN testbed. It is used as a substitute for a physical ATM network, enabling management applications to be tested in a controlled environment before interfacing with real networks. In addition, the simulator is able to provide a number of major enhancements over real network, thus enabling more extensive and thorough evaluation of the management functionality to be deployed in real networks.

This chapter describes the functionality of the ICM ATM network simulator and the underlying modelling principles. It highlights the functional aspects of suitable generic reusable simulation components that allow the modelling and simulation of complex network configurations ranging from the simulation of a single ATM-based network domain to the simulation of multiple network domains including Customer Premises Networks and the modelling of Virtual Private Networks. The interaction of the simulator with the management system is emphasised as well as the facilities of the simulation components to aid this interaction.

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