VPC and Routing management

Editor: David Griffin

Authors: David Griffin, Panos Georgatsos, Andy Carr, Dennis Nyong, Bruno Rossi, Pravin Patel, Peter Baxendale, Michel Besson

This chapter presents a VPC (Virtual Path Connection) and Routing Management Service for multi-class ATM networks. The objective of the VPC and Routing Management Service is to guarantee network availability whilst guaranteeing that the network meets the performance requirements of the different service classes the network supports. This Management Service is beneficial to the network operator since it ensures that the network resources are used as efficiently as possible in conditions of dynamically changing traffic patterns.

The proposed system offers the generic functions of performance monitoring, load monitoring and configuration management in ATM networks. In addition, it provides specific functions for routing and bandwidth management in a hierarchical structure. The components in the hierarchy differ in terms of the level of abstraction, complexity and timescale over which they operate.

The main contribution of this chapter is the answer to the question: what are the components required for the VPC and Routing Management Service and how do they interoperate?

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