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This page is dedicated to research and development projects spearheaded by students under my supervision. Please follow the links for more information. All projects included here contain source code and short demonstration videos.

MEng - MSc

  • UNV: An open-source video streaming testbed. This is an evolving project on content-centric video streaming. Currently it is forked in two subprojects on Sourceforge:
    • UNV (C/C++ based low-delay video capture and streaming for the Linux operating system) and
    • UNVedu (Java-based rich-media streaming of SD/HD-resolution Matroska video - works on any system).
    • Students involved: George Smart, Grigorios Stathis, Obada Sawalha, Lorenzo Levrini, Hans Balgobin, Stelios Vitorakis, Ioannis Tsakos, Sebastian Jeuk, Prashant Jain


  • CAWEC: A tool to measure external citations (i.e. exclude self-citations from authors) in publications indexed by Google Scholar. Students involved: Myrto Petromaniati, Nan E, Jianyang Wang; this project has now been discontinued.


  • CCOMP: Rate-distortion performance comparison of contemporary video codecs. Students involved: Etito Ohwovoriole


  • Distributed Coordination and Energy Harvesting in Wireless Sensor Networks: Under construction.




  • ORIP: Operational Refinement of Image Processing. This is a maturing project on new ways to calculate multimedia signal processing algorithms in programmable processors that allow for "progressive" or "refinable" computation. This offers significant advantages for computational platforms with uncertain resource allocation, such as modern multicore processors, cloud computing infrastructures, energy-constrained multimedia devices (e.g. mobile phones), etc. Students involved: Davide Anastasia, Dai Jiang.



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