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Our research is divided between two closely related topics, Nonlinear and Quantum Plasmonics and Silicon Nanophotonics. An integrating theme of these disciplines is Quantum Metamterials, our reseach in this area being supported by the European Research Council via an ERC Consolidator grant. We are primarily interested in the basic science and computational modeling of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale and the study, design, and potential technological applications of novel photonic nanodevices.

   Nonlinear and Quantum Plasmonics
  • Second-harmonic generation in plasmonic nanostructures
  • Nonlinear modes of plasmonic cavities
  • Plasmonic solitons and plasmonic vortices in arrays of metallic nanowires
  • Anderson localization in plasmonic nanostructures
  • Quantum plasmonics
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   Silicon Nanophotonics
  • Modelling of pulse dynamics in silicon photonic nanowires
  • Nonlinear optical effects upon pulse propagation in silicon photonic crystal slab waveguides
  • Computational methods for modelling optical pulse propagation in silicon based devices
  • Zero-n metamaterials based on silicon
  • Anderson localization in photonic crystals
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   Quantum Metamaterials - ERC supported research
  • Linear and nonlinear optical properties of graphene nanoflakes
  • Optical properties of photonic structures based on graphene and other 2D materials
  • Sensaors based on quantum metamaterials (graphene nanoflakes)
  • Computational methods for modelling containing both classical and quantum components
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