Stuart Clayman

Department of Electronic Engineering
University College London
Torrington Place
United Kingdom


I am currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Electronic Engineering at University College London.


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Some people have asked to see my PhD, so here it is.


DOLFIN is a European Union FP7 funded project that aims to significantly contribute towards improving the energy efficiency of Data Centres and stabilizing of Smart Grids, using a holistic approach, across networks of Data Centres and Smart Grids. DOLFIN optimizes the overall energy consumption by dynamically changing the percentage of active versus stand-by servers and the load per active server in a DC, and stabilize the Smart Grid energy distribution, under peak load and increased demand, by dynamically collecting live energy data and by changing the energy consumption/ production requirements of the local DCs.

There is more about DOLFIN on the project home page


RESERVOIR is a European Union FP7 funded project that will enable massive scale deployment and management of complex IT services across different administrative domains, IT platforms and geographies by providing a foundation for a service-based online economy, using virtualization technologies, transparently provisioned and managed on an on-demand basis at competitive costs with high quality of service.

There is more about RESERVOIR on the project home page


The UniverSelf project is a project funded by the European Commission under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7). The goal of UniverSelf is to consolidate management methods for the future Internet for business-driven, service and network management into a novel Unified Management Framework (UMF) evolving through cognition. This UMF will remove the roadblocks of the original Internet design and of its later patchwork growth; it will seamlessly unite the heterogeneous control and management planes towards a true end-to-end scope by enabling self-organization of the former and empowering the latter with cognition. This will advance the routine management tasks by human administrators to the level of governance of the entire network and service ecosystem.


AutoI implemented the creation of a communication resource overlay with autonomic characteristics for the purposes of fast and guaranteed service delivery. Autonomic Internet (AutoI) aims to be a sustainable solution. It will design and develop a self-managing virtual resource overlay that can span across heterogeneous networks, support service mobility, quality of service and reliability. The overlay will self-manage based on the business-driven service goals changes (service context) and resource environment changes (resource context).

There is more about AutoI on the project home page

O4SDI - Orchestration For Software-Defined Infrastructures

I am co-chair of the IEEE Orchestration For Software-Defined Infrastructures Workshop The 3rd Workshop takes place in November 2017 in Berlin, co-hosted with IEEE NFV-SND see here.

The Third IEEE Workshop on Orchestration for Software-Defined Infrastructures (O4SDI) addresses the challenges that will facilitate orchestration and programmability of generalized virtual functions in Software Defined Infrastructures (SDI), enabling cloud and network providers to deploy integrated services across different resource domains. Orchestration mechanisms will facilitate the live deployment and lifecycle management of these virtual elements, at the application level, the server level, and the network level within a single domain and across multiple domains. Without such orchestration it will not be possible to enable dynamic establishment of generalized virtual functions chains, according to service requirements.

Other Interests

My other research interests and expertise lie in the areas of software engineering and programming paradigms; distributed systems; big data processing and analytics; sensor systems and smart city platforms; and virtualised compute and network systems, network and systems management.