miguel rodrigues

READER of Information Theory and Information Processing

Dept. Electronic & Electrical Eng.
Faculty of Engineering Science
University College London


Dr. Rodrigues is a Reader in Information Theory and Processing with the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London. He was previously with the Department of Computer Science, University of Porto, Portugal, rising through the ranks from Assistant to Associate Professor, where he also led the Information Theory and Communications Research Group at Instituto de Telecomunicações – Porto.

He is responsible for a team consisting of five PhD students and has been responsible for the supervision of over 15 postdoctoral researchers and PhD students in the past. He has also been responsible for raising over 3M EUR in funding from national and international funding agencies through research projects and fellowships to his research team alone. His team also exhibits strong links to some of the leading academic research institutions in the area worldwide, such as Princeton U., Carnegie Mellon U., Duke U., the Georgia Institute of Technology, Cambridge U., Oxford U., Imperial College, EPFL, and the Technion.

Dr. Rodrigues’ most relevant contributions have ranged from the information-theoretic analysis and design of communications systems, information-theoretic security, information-theoretic analysis and design of sensing systems, and, more recently,  foundations machine learning and deep learning problems. His work, which has led to over 150 papers in the leading journals and conferences in the field with over 3500 citations, has also been honored with the prestigious IEEE Communications and Information Theory Societies Joint Paper Award 2011.

Dr. Rodrigues has served on the organizing and technical committees of various international conferences. In particular, he is currently acting as General Chair of  the conference on "Mathematics of Data: Structured Representations for Sensing, Approximation, and Learning" organized under the auspices the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences programme on "Approximation, Sampling and Compression in Data Science" (which will take place at the Turing Institute, May 27-31, 2019). 

He has also co-organized the Workshop on Sensing and Analysis of High-Dimensional Data Workshop 2015, Durham, NC, USA  (with AR Calderbank, L Carin, I Daubechies, D Dunson, K Heller, M Maggioni, S Mukherjee, H Pfister, G Reeves, G Sapiro, R Willett) and the Workshop on Sensing and Analysis of High-Dimensional Data Workshop 2014, London, UK (with AR Calderbank, L Carin, I Daubechies, A Gretton, G Sapiro, J Shawe-Taylor, P Wolfe).

He has also co-chaired the Technical Programme Committee of the IEEE Information Theory Workshop 2016, Cambridge, UK (with . Bolcskei and AR Calderbank).

He serves as Associate Editor to the IEEE Communications Letters and lead guest editor of the Special Issue on "Information-Theoretic Methods in Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Processing"of the IEEE J. Selected Topics in Signal Processing.  He is also co-authoring a book on "Information-Theoretic Methods in Data Science" to be published by Cambridge University Press.

Dr. Rodrigues has been recipient of the Prize Eng. Antonio de Almeida, Prize Eng. Cristiano Spratley, the Merit Prize from the University of Porto, Portugal, and fellowships from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology as well as the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian.