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Wireless Data Communication Using GMSK Technique

Curriculum Vitae

The concept of wireless communication is being widely used in either voice or data communications due to its flexibility. More and more researches have been carried out to improve and upgrade the quality and the efficiency of wireless network, especially in wireless data communications. The project is using the Gaussian filtered Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK) modulation technique to set up a wireless data communication network.

The design of this project is based on a GMSK modem chip (CMX589AP4). This chip is used to produce the GMSK signals for transmission. While on receiver side, the chip will be used to recover the baseband signals. Besides the hardware, the project also includes a design of a user interface software to monitor the data in the computer. The software uses C++ in creating various functions for transmissions and receptions. The developed software provides users with a very easy and reliable way to send text through the modem using wireless technique.


The GMSK Transmitter

The GMSK transmitter. The lower left corner is the source power module with a simple regulator. The top left corner is the microcontroller module (8051). GMSK modem chip (CMX589AP4) is the 4th chip counting from the top left corner. The top right corner is the FM module with a coil antenna.



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