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Optical Transmission

High-speed transmission

In the area of high spectral efficiency WDM for optical fibre transmission, our research is concerned with the experimental and theoretical investigation of optically amplified, high-speed (40-320 Gbit/s), multiwavelength optical signals in long-haul and metropolitan area networks.

The propagation of short pulses in fibre induces optical nonlinearities, and thus transmission impairments. Our research is focused on understanding and minimizing these, through optimal dispersion-management as well as identifying the fundamental limits to fibre transmission for different pulse shapes and advanced modulation formats, including phase-supported transmission.

We are aided in this work through our extensive experimental laboratory - and the unique WDM recirculating optical fibre loop test-bed, currently enabling experiments at 40-160 Gbit/s. The experimental work in parallel with a comprehensive analytical and modelling activity, enabling models to be verified and refined.

The group has made significant contributions in understanding and minimizing nonlinear impairments, as well as defining rules for optimal dispersion compensation and management.